RIC Rooms - Facilities, Events and Services Scheduler

Instructions for RIC Faculty/Staff:

All faculty/staff with active RIC network/email accounts can access EMS directly using the same user name and password for their RIC network/email accounts.

It is very important, however, that all RIC users must preface their account IDs with the domain name "ric" followed by a backslash, i.e. "ric\".

If your username is jdoe, you will be required to enter "ric\jdoe" in the User ID field. Use the tab button to proceed to the password field and enter your password.

Instructions for RIC Student Organizations:

All authorized RIC student organizations with approved EMS accounts can access EMS using their RIC student organization email account address issued by the college as their User Id (such as studentorg@so.ric.edu).

Please note that the password of the EMS account may not be in sync with the password of the student organization's email account if you have changed the email password.

If you need to reset your EMS account password, please call MIS Help Desk at 456-9873.

Instructions for Non-RIC EMS Users:

If you have been issued an approved non-RIC EMS user account, please log in using the assigned User ID and password to access the EMS system.

If you need help, please feel free to MIS Help Desk at 401-456-9873.

RIC faculty/staff members, please log in using RIC\username for the User ID field.